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Guardian Angel’s Dinner and Auction Throughout the Years

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At-Home Activities for Families

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Celebrating the First Steps on the Path to Possible

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6 Exciting Features of Our New Social Services Center

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Early Childhood Education Center Volunteers

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Volunteers Needed for 28th Annual Golf Classic

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A Decade in Review with Board Chair Lynn Davis

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Amy Borah

Today, many of our most beloved social institutions have closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Though it’s crucial for families to practice social distancing by remaining at home as much as possible, that doesn’t mean that this time can’t be enjoyable. Use this newfound family time to enjoy engaging activities together. 

Read below to discover some fun ways to pass the time together below: 


Create something new

Hands-on activities are a necessary part of childhood development. Whether or not families are particularly “crafty” they can still participate in some fun arts and crafts projects. The fun part of these activities is bonding over the learning process. Gather the family around for an afternoon of projects ranging from simple pen and paper, to other miscellaneous items found laying around the house. Family YouTube channels like Art for Kids Hub and 5-Minute Crafts (Family) offer countless easy to follow tutorials that walk parents and kids through projects together. 


Check on the animals 

Though most zoos around the world have closed for the time being, families can still see what the animals are up by checking their preferred zoo’s website for animal live streams. The Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute has live webcams of their elephant, lion, panda and naked mole rat exhibits. While you eagerly anticipate your next family trip to the Saint Louis Zoo, visit their YouTube channel to watch the live stream of their penguins. Their animal care teams will share images and videos of their animals in order to #BringtheSTLZootoYou! Don’t forget to use the website’s “find your favorite animal” tool to learn all about your new favorite species.  


Explore the museum  

Showcasing preserved relics of the past, museums are the center of history, culture and education. Fortunately, families can still enjoy all museums have to offer without even having to leave the house. Many of these important institutions are offering virtual tours, like the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Explore different types of rockets and aircrafts and browse a variety of their aviation exhibits. If your family has a different interest, visit your favorite museum’s website to see what tours, games or other online resources they may offer.


These are just a few ideas of creative ways families can spend productive, engaging time together!

We understand that life challenges can hit when we least expect them and we’re left with no choice but to reach out for support. But from a young age, we’re often taught that your problems are yours and yours alone – an idea that makes it challenging for people to feel comfortable asking for help. We know that taking the first step is the hardest, and that’s we want to celebrate those who’ve managed to call us for assistance. Take a look at some of our community members who’ve taken steps down their path to possible:


Ms. Mary (March 2020)

“Without Guardian Angel, I don’t know what many people in this community would do.” – Ms. Mary

Ms. Mary was first introduced to Guardian Angel when her son was first born in 1976. Now, years later, she has found herself having to take her first steps toward gaining stability for the grandson she’s raising. Being able to rely on the partner-choice food pantry during hard times, means Ms. Mary’s family didn’t have to go hungry. Recently, she was even able to prepare a special birthday meal for her grandson, using items from the food pantry. We are grateful to be there for our fellow community members like Ms. Mary in their times of need.


Ms. Ashley (Feb. 2020)

“It was not easy to ask for help, but I needed to make sure my children had food to eat.” – Ms. Ashley


As a mother of four with number five on the way, Ms. Ashley is thankful she’s been able to call on Guardian Angel’s services in her time of need. She’s still working toward total stability, and is currently using our food pantry and offered rental and utility assistance. Having access to the food pantry has allowed her peace of mind, knowing that there is food in her growing household. Beyond these services, she also uses the computer lab to look up helpful information about autism, which her son was recently diagnosed with. Eventually, Ms. Ashley would like to start a ministry to help other parents of children with autism, in order to become a positive fixture for her community, just like Guardian Angel. We’re proud of Ms. Ashley for taking these important first steps in creating something so necessary and important for her community!


Ms. Deborah (Jan. 2020)

“When you have faith, all is taken care of.” – Ms. Deborah

After bringing her daughter to our food pantry for assistance last year, Ms. Deborah decided to come to Guardian Angel to get help for herself. After her appointment, she received an emergency bag and now knows she can rely on Guardian Angel for support during challenging times. For Ms. Deborah, reaching out for help was the first step in working her way toward stability. We are honored to have been there for her and her family in their time of need.


Ms. Judy (July 2019)

“This computer lab helped me get a job.” – Ms. Judy

Using our computer lab, Ms. Judy was able to take the first step toward regaining stability. The next steps on her path to possible were updating her resume, browsing job opportunities online, and filling out applications. Using these helpful resources, she was able to land a job to continue supporting herself!


Two Septembers ago, we held our Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new Social Services Center, and last October was our highly anticipated Grand Opening event. Today, we continue to serve our South St. Louis community as we always have, but with greater capacity, thanks to our 18,000-square foot facility.

If you still haven’t made a visit to our new Social Services Center, read below to see some exciting features!


Food pantry

Our client-choice food pantry now has a commercial-sized walk-in freezer and a loading dock that will smoothly facilitate shipments, drop-offs, and distributions. This larger space will allow Guardian Angel to easily serve clients.


Kitchen space

Our new state-of-the-art kitchen has an open concept to accommodate those who want to participate in our various workshops. There is plenty of space for cooking demonstrations, which allows people to interact with teachers and others during classes.


Workshop classrooms 

Our classrooms are large and outfitted with updated technology, which can be used for a variety of needs from client presentations to community meetings.


Private office space

It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable and secure. Our new private office spaces allow clients to maintain privacy while meeting with social service and/or food pantry coordinators.


Disability welcoming spaces

We believe everyone deserves a chance at their path to possible. That’s why all our spaces are ADA-compliant, creating a comfortable environment for all needs.


Angel Boutique Resale Shop

In this new location, our resale shop is located alongside the many social services it helps fund. Everything is located on one floor, including our overflow merchandise, and there’s a loading dock on this side of the building for donation drop-offs. There is more than enough room for customers to browse the ample inventory.


Parking lot

We are proud to offer our clients and staff a large parking lot with many available spaces, where visitors no longer have to search or pay for a parking spot. The building’s new location is now located along a bus route, which only makes our services more accessible to our community members.


Thank you to all who participated in our Path to Possible Campaign. Your generosity and dedication are what allow us to continue being a source of guidance and support in South St. Louis for those hoping to take the first step to possible. To support our new Social Services Center and monthly client programs click here or contact Stephanie Betts at (314) 773-9027 ext. 254.


Guardian Angel’s Early Childhood Education Center is looking for volunteers! Volunteer opportunities include:

If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Venita Oatis at 314-231-3188 or or fill out the form.

Guardian Angel needs volunteers to support our 28th Annual Golf Classic on September 12, 2022 at Persimmon Woods Golf Club. Golf volunteers will help with set up, check-in, games at the golf holes, selling raffle/golf game tickets, etc. There will be morning and afternoon shifts available – volunteers also have the option to work both shifts.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Kirsten Brauch at 314-231-3188 or Thank you!

Having served as a board member for 10 years, Lynn Davis recently became Board Chair. Read her reflection of the evolution she’s witnessed within the organization throughout her tenure. 


How were you first introduced to Guardian Angel? 

A friend and former coworker of mine was on the Guardian Angel board. We were out to lunch one day and I mentioned to her that I was rolling off of another board, due to term limits. I was interested in getting engaged with something new, but hadn’t found anything yet. At that time the Childcare Center had just opened a few months prior, and told me about the huge Capital Campaign and really encouraged me to check it out. So I took a tour and fell in love immediately. I applied and joined the board right away. 


What was your first impression of the organization? 

I had a small child at the time, but prior to my first visit to Guardian Angel (at the Childcare Center), those types of child-focused programs weren’t really on my radar. But when I walked through the childcare facility and saw the engagement of the staff and how passionate they were about what they were doing. There was just an energy there – and I feel like it’s still there today – that comes from the people that work there. Just an atmosphere of joy and happiness that makes you feel like the kids there are well taken care of. I was just blown away – it pulled me in pretty closely right away.


What about the Guardian Angel’s work appealed to you? 

Much of the work I had been involved with before was around senior care – that, in particular, was something very near and dear to my heart, and it still is. But when I came to Guardian Angel I was just so amazed at the variety of services. A lot of organizations I’ve been involved with in the past focus on one specific target area, whereas with Guardian Angel there was the Childcare Center, social services, all these different things going on. I felt like there was just so much opportunity to find something that you really enjoy.


Guardian Angel has such a storied history. Why do you think it has stood the test of time? 

One of the things Guardian Angel does really well is make people feel confident. As an organization, there’s the concept that we’re not looking for repeat customers. Instead, we’re looking for ways to help people solve problems, and doing so in a way that helps them continue being meaningful contributors of society. When I speak at fundraising events, I let people know that the financial support they’re contributing to this organization is being used wisely. That money is being put into programs, and we’re putting all our energy into things that are helping people be successful, beyond a patchwork solution that is going to cause people to be back in two weeks. 

Also, clients are treated differently in that environment. Instead of a system where people are shuffling in and out to just get what they need and move on, they’re getting a level of care and attention that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Here, there’s an intention to help them get through that minute, but also to have that not happen again. I think that’s very meaningful for both ends – the supporters of the cause and the receivers of the services. I think that’s what has really driven community support and is one of the reasons it’s been successful for so long.


Is there a specific moment that comes to mind where you directly felt that impact Guardian Angel makes? 

There’s a common thread I see in all the stories from clients. For a lot of people, taking that first step through Guardian Angel’s door should’ve happened a lot sooner, but they didn’t have the courage. I would assume that it takes a lot to walk through that door. So without that level of culture within our organization, without the outreach, and accessibility, and I don’t know that those individuals would have a much harder time reaching that success. 


How has serving at a board level enrich your own life, both professionally and even personally? 

For me, it’s Guardian Angel’s cause and its culture. When I came to the board at Guardian Angel, it was an opportunity to really just engage all aspects of the process, meaning feeling fully committed to the cause. When you’re getting involved in a nonprofit organization, you need to be passionate about what you’re doing. I was probably 33 when I first joined the board and you gain experience that you may not get in your work setting by leading meetings, leading committees, taking on other responsibilities. It’s just a great compliment to any young professional, that’s looking to advance their skillset, outside of work. 

You meet a lot of really great people, whether it’s people on the board or the staff that work at the agency. There are people on the board that I’ve known now for 10 years and I could call them for anything, whether it’s personal, professional, board-related, agency-related – whatever it is, I know that they would support me in whatever way I needed them to. 


What called you to step into the role of Board Chair? 

For me, taking on this role has a lot to do with the staff at this agency. Knowing that we have a really, really solid group of extremely talented people makes a huge difference. I kind of see my role as keeping this board excited to engage, energized about what they’re doing, and motivated by the future of the organization, and it’s much easier to do when you have super strong talent that just delivers – and and that’s what we have. 

Looking at what’s been accomplished within the agency in the past 10 years – with two Capital Campaigns, the development of the childcare center, Hosea House becoming the social services facility, then moving to Cherokee, and now being on Jefferson. You just look at all those things and realize it’s big stuff. Guardian Angel is not an agency just doing the day-to-day to maintain the status quo. It’s an agency that’s looking to improve services, to provide better facilities for those services, and to really just push ahead.


Anything you’re looking forward to on behalf of the organization in the next year?  

Now that we’re in a first class facility for social services, and still have a first class facility for childcare, the next step is identifying what we’re trying to do next. Where do we go from here? We’ve got the facilities, we’ve got the team, we’ve got the capabilities. What does it look like five years from now? Those are the questions we’re asking to make sure we’re anticipating the community’s needs and serving them efficiently.


    28 Mar
    Early Childhood Education Center Volunteers 1127 N. Vandeventer Ave. St. Louis MO 63113
    12 Sep
    Volunteers Needed for 28th Annual Golf Classic Persimmon Woods Golf Club, 6401 Weldon Spring Pkwy, Weldon Spring, MO 63304
    8 Dec
    Self-Sufficiency Class Teachers 3300 S. Jefferson Avenue St. Louis, MO
    28 Jul
    Store Volunteer 3300 S. Jefferson Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118

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