Guardian Angel was awarded Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) tax credits to support our Early Childhood Education program. Administered by the state, YOP tax credits help to attract eligible donors who want to redirect their Missouri tax dollars to an approved community services project.

What are the benefits of YOP tax credits?

Guardian Angel will receive the full benefit of your donation, while your tax liability may be significantly reduced. The credit amount is equal to 50% of your donation. Credits allow you to save on both your federal and state taxes.

YOP Tax Credits are available for donations over $500 to Guardian Angel. These credits are available to any individual or business with a Missouri tax liability. The tax credit is eligible for the year of the donation plus 5 succeeding years.

Potential savings

Donation Amount $10,000 $5,000 $1,000 $500
Missouri Tax Credits -5,000 -2,500 -500 -250
Missouri Tax Savings -270 -135 -550 -110
Federal Tax Savings -1,100 -550 -110 -55
Total Tax Savings -6,370 -3,185 -637 -319
Net Cost to Donor $3,630 $1,815 $363 $182
Note: This table is meant to illustrate potential savings. Assumes donor itemizes deductions and is in the 22% marginal Federal income tax bracket and 5.4% Missouri income tax bracket. Contribution deduction reduced by amount of Missouri credit. Consult your tax advisor to determine your exact savings.

Interested in learning more or donating?

Contact Kirsten Brauch at brauchk@gasastl.org or 314-773-9027 x 254.

YOP Tax Credit Explainer video