Sr. Annalee Faherty, D.C Service Endowment

Sr. Annalee’s Service to Guardian Angel

From 1968-1974, Sister Annalee served as Guardian Angel’s full-time Staff Supervisor and Director of Family Services. After 15 years serving elsewhere, Sr. Annalee returned to the Guardian Angel and served for nearly 30 years in many different roles – Social Worker, Director of Social Services, Director of Social Work Programs, Director of Special Programs, and Assessment, and Development Associate.

Although she had many missions during her lifetime, Guardian Angel and all those served by it always remained dear to her heart. It is hard to imagine Guardian Angel without Sister Annalee’s impact. The two go hand in hand.

About the Endowment Fund

The Sr. Annalee Faherty, D.C. Service Endowment provides Guardian Angel Settlement Association with a vital, reliable source of annual income to address critical community needs related to early childhood education, emergency assistance, and self-sufficiency.

Donations directed to the Endowment will be permanently-restricted, meaning that the principal or gift amount will be retained and cannot be spent. Only earnings from these gifts will be used to support programs and services of Guardian Angel, ensuring Sr. Annalee’s legacy will continue to support GASA for many generations to come.

To learn more about the Sr. Annalee Faherty, D.C. Service Endowment, please contact Jessica Brandon at (314) 231.3188 ext. 105 or