Sr. Annalee Faherty, D.C. Biography
Born and raised in Perryville, Missouri, Sister Annalee Faherty celebrated 58 years vocation as a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul last September. The daughter of Lynn H. and Catherine Faherty, Sister Annalee has one sibling 11 years her junior, her dear sister, Carol (Bob) Rousseau who remains a Perryville resident.

Educated by Daughters of Charity at St. Vincent Elementary School in Perryville, and by both Daughters of Charity and Vincentians at St. Vincent High School, Sister Annalee knew the Daughters of Charity very well before graduating from high school in May of 1954, and entering the Community at St. Philomena’s in St. Louis one month later.

It was during her initial formation period when she had her hands-­on-­experience of service that Sister first became acquainted with Guardian Angel Settlement. After her initial formation as a Daughter of Charity, Sister Annalee served as a Housemother, Teacher, Bookkeeper, and Sports Coordinator at St. Mary’s Home for Girls and Cathedral School in Mobile, Alabama from 1957 to 1961. She then returned to St. Louis as an Upper Elementary School Teacher at the old St. Louise de Marillac School while earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with Minors in Education and History at Marillac College in St. Louis in 1964. In 1966, she completed her Masters of Social Work Degree at St. Louis University.

In June of 1966, Sister was missioned to Guardian Angel and began serving as a Caseworker, Intake Coordinator and Day Care Social Worker for two agencies in St. Louis – Catholic Charities and its Stella Maris Day Care two and a half days per week, and these same jobs and duties for Guardian Angel Settlement Day Care for the other two and a half days of the week.

In 1968, Sister Annalee joined Guardian Angel full-­time as a staff Supervisor and Director of Family Services. Along with all of this, from 1966 through 1968, Sister taught two social work sequence courses at Marillac College on Fridays and Saturdays. Then in 1969, Sister Annalee was missioned to Marillac College D.C. Community to teach and develop an Undergraduate Social Work Program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. From 1969 through the 1974, Sister served as a full-­time social work Faculty Member and Social Work Program Coordinator until the new Social Work Department was completed and became fully accredited – all within three years of its beginning! Sister was made a Professor of Social Work and named as the first, and only, Chair of this Department as the College closed due to lack of funding.

In 1974, she was missioned to West Plains, Missouri, where she served as a Pastoral Social Work Minister until 1978. From 1978 to 1989, Sister Annalee served in Austin, Texas, as the Administrator of Marywood (Home of the Holy Infancy), a licensed Maternity Residence and Adoption Agency. Although she has had many missions during her lifetime, Guardian Angel Settlement and all those served by it have always remained dear to her heart. In 1989, Sister Annalee returned to Guardian Angel and has never left. Twenty-­four years have passed and Sister Annalee has served in many roles – Social Worker, Director of Social Services, Director of Social Work Programs, Director of Special Programs and Assessment, and Development Associate. It is hard to imagine Guardian Angel Settlement Association without Sister Annalee;; the two go hand in hand.