Our events are not just fundraising opportunities – they’re meaningful traditions that bring our supportive community together and remind us all of our collective mission to serve our neighbors in need.

Meet the person behind these special events, including our recent Angels Among Us Annual Dinner and Auction and 25th Annual Golf Classic, Kim Larson.


Tell us a bit about your background before working with GASA and how did you first encounter the organization?

I’ve been in the not for profit area for going on 25 years now and have had different roles. I’ve done events, committee meetings, large events and, most recently, I came from a museum background as a Director.

A very good colleague of mine who I’ve worked with for about 13 years, Wendy Dyer, has worked with Guardian Angel on the Capital Campaign. She’s very fond of the organization and has been involved for a long time. I had been somewhat familiar with Guardian Angel because of Wendy’s involvement. So, when the opportunity for the event position opened up, she was on the phone with me right away saying, “you need to do this!”


What were your initial impressions of the organization and how have they changed since you’ve gotten more familiar with it?

I was struck by the critically important work Guardian Angel does in the two zip codes we represent in St. Louis City, and that it’s so well supported by large companies with longstanding histories in St. Louis. The zip codes that we serve are in so much need, and we’re reminding people of the importance in taking care of our city and those in need. I can tell you that by watching the children in our childcare department and seeing the social services side of who we serve, it’s a place where people can call on and reach out. It’s amazing work.


What are some of the goals you’re looking forward to focusing on in the future in regard to events in general?

If I could pass on the video piece (from the Auction) and share that everywhere I go to anyone I communicate with, I think we would consistently grow with our support from people in St. Louis because our work is that important and that necessary. I think we have to somehow develop a stronger communication to a younger, socially savvy audience and we have to do it consistently.


What are some of the specific events that are in focus for Guardian Angel right now?

Our upcoming Golf Classic is a great celebration  of our work. It allows a group of individuals to come together and have a great day for a cause.

Another thing is our grand opening of the new social services center. To me, a grand opening is the ultimate success, because people want to see what their dollars are building. It’s a recommitment to our mission and offers that motivation of how much more we can do. It could be a series of events, maybe a media review where we invite people in from media and major funders to come in for a sneak peak. And, then maybe the wrap up is a week later where it’s something like a cocktail hour.