In honor of our upcoming 2019 Back to School event, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moments from last year’s school drive. Enjoy these snapshots capturing some of the fun from that special day!

Some of our favorite moments include…

1. … seeing kids grab the tools they need to write their own future – because we know the Path to Possible starts in school!


2. … having all the required classroom supplies available, like tissue, which are essential during the upcoming fall allergy and flu season!


3. … watching kids get that perfect new pair of shoes – the same pair in which they’ll take their exciting new strides in grade school, middle school or high school!


4. … watching kids get spruced up with haircuts that boost their confidence and excitement for that first day back! 


5. … knowing the families in our community have confidence that we’ll be there for them at each point on their path to possible! 



Make sure to participate in this year’s Back to School drive! Click here for a full list of needed supplies.