Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate, and Halloween is the very holiday that gives us cause for such festivities. Beyond being a very exciting day for children, it’s also an event that can positively affect them. While the task of going door to door for candy gives kids a sense of pride in what they’ve collected, costumes offer a great outlet for creative expression as children may make their own costumes with DIY projects. Simply thinking of a something/someone to dress up as prompts young ones to think about the things they’re passionate about and the people who inspire them.

Over the years, we’ve always enjoyed seeing the joy and excitement this day brings to our little ones. Here are some of our favorite moments from past Halloween celebrations.


We may not have lions and tigers and bears, but we have an elephant, a bumble bee and a lion. Oh my!



Costumes are on, bags are ready to be filled!



Sharing is a great way to make friends, especially when candy is involved.



Who says princesses and ninja turtles can’t be friends?



Coordinating with friends makes dressing up even more fun!