Many children around St. Louis are heading back to school in the next week. It’s also National Joke day. So, here are our favorite back-to-school jokes to get the year started with a little laughter. Enjoy!


10. Question: Why was school easier for cave people?    Answer: Because there was no history to study!


9.  Question: Why did the M&M go to school?  Answer: Because he really wanted to be a Smartie!


8. Question: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses to school? Answer: She had bright students!


7. Question: What’s the king of all school supplies? Answer: The Ruler.


6.  Question: What makes a Cyclops such an effective teacher? Answer: He has only one pupil.


5. Question: What’s the difference between a teacher and a train?  Answer:  teacher says, “Spit out that gum!” and a train says, “Chew! Chew!”


4. Question: Why would a music teacher need a ladder?    Answer: To reach the high notes.


3.  Question:  What food do math teachers eat?   Answer: Square meals!


2. Question:  Why do magicians do so well in school?  Answer: They’re good at trick questions.


1.  Question:  What did the paper say to the pencil? Answer: You’ve got a really good point.