Financial empowerment is always important, but now that we’re in tax season, having a solid understanding our own financial affairs is especially crucial. With a proper financial understanding and guidance, individuals can feel confident in making smart money decisions that allow them and their families to live stable lives. Here are a few different ways Guardian Angel Settlement Association helps clients feel empowered when dealing with their finances:  



One of the first steps of financial management is through budgeting. Guardian Angel’s social services offer help to clients looking to manage and budget their existing resources with one-on-one counseling for self-sufficiency and money management, and monthly cooking classes with strategies to get the most out of meals with batch cooking.



Negotiating Payments

Another important aspect of financial security is being strategic about payments. One thing Guardian Angel’s social services does is advocate for clients by helping them negotiate payments with landlords and utility companies while they figure out how to prioritize certain bills over others and catch up on payments.



Utilizing Community Resources

There are many available resources designed to help those in need, but often people are unaware of the services and benefits available to them. The team at Guardian Angel’s social services equip clients with information about the such benefits (such as SNAP or food stamps) and helps guide them through the necessary steps and paperwork in order to receive them. The social services building itself houses helpful resources like a client-choice food pantry to select a variety of fresh items and a computer lab to pay bills online.


These are just some of the ways Guardian Angel helps those in the South St. Louis City feel more empowered in handling their finances.