In 2009, Guardian Angel celebrated the opening of the Early Childhood Center on Vandeventer Ave. The building is home to administrative offices and Guardian Angel’s childcare program. Now, ten years later, the new Social Services Center will open in the fall on Jefferson Ave., serving people in South St. Louis City in a variety of ways.


These building openings are monumental for Guardian Angel and pivotal to our success. And at the center of these developments has been a local construction company, HBD Construction.


Mike Perry is the President and CEO of HBD Construction. He and his wife, Tina, have become dear friends to Guardian Angel through the years.


“Years ago, I had a client that volunteered at Guardian Angel. He told me about the organization, and I was amazed to learn about their great history and impact in St. Louis,” says Mike.


He was so energized about the mission, he immediately told his wife about what he learned, and she reached out to volunteer in the childcare program.


HBD Construction has always focused on leaving the St. Louis region “better off than it was before”, and working with organizations, like Guardian Angel, allow that to happen. Mike and his company have definitely helped move the organization forward with their work on the childcare and social services building projects.


Mike explains, “I am a native St. Louisian. So, it’s very important for me to help communities and their leaders develop ways to benefit as many people as possible. I am proud that I get to do that through our work with mission- centered organizations, like Guardian Angel.”


HBD Construction takes pride in helping their clients make their dreams a reality. They’ve done that for Guardian Angel, which in turn, has offered the same benefit to the thousands we serve each year.


“HBD is a great partner. They care about the work we do and have helped us to bring our dreams to life,” says Jessica Brandon, Guardian Angel President & CEO.


We thank HBD Construction for their partnership over the last ten years.