Thrift shopping is a little like searching for treasure, in that you never know what types of gems you’ll uncover. Each day, there are new items that may become your next favorite things. Make sure to stop by the Angel Boutique Resale Shop soon to find unique items that fit perfectly into your summer plans, like the ones below:


Backless Stools

‘Tis the season for sunshine and barbecues. For those who love to entertain, or those who simply need more indoor or outdoor seating, stop by our store to grab these new stainless steel Remy Backless Stools from Restoration Hardware, each retailing for $166. Our special Angel Boutique price is selling them for $150 each.


Crumpler Bags

Carry all your necessary belongings for your summer adventures in one of our Crumpler bags. The best part is, you get to sport one of these items from the popular Australian designer for more than half off!

Brand new “Blunderbus” bag. (Retail price: $64 | Angel Boutique price: $30)


Brand new “Aggott” bag. (Retail price: $45 | Angel Boutique price: $20)


Condition: Good, but gently used (Retail price: $200 | Angel Boutique price: $40)


These are just a few examples of what you may find in our Angel Boutique Resale Shop. (Though specific items mentioned in the blog may sell out, please keep in mind that we get new items each day- so there may be something else that impresses you!)