It’s never too early to show our youth the importance of giving back. There are many creative and cost effective ways for you and the children in your life to contribute- even if you don’t feel you have much time or money to spare. Start getting the family involved today with these simple ways:


1. Visit a Food Pantry

Bring your child along to the grocery store to buy cans and boxes to drop off at your local food pantry. Let your little one pick out their favorite nonperishable items to donate.


2. Donate Old Items

One of the most convenient ways to give back (and declutter!) is to gather gently used clothes and/or toys to donate. Go through closets or toy bins and sort out clothing that’s too small or pick out forgotten toys. Encourage your child  to give to other children, but be careful not to force them to part with beloved items, as this can cause them to view charity with a sense of loss instead of fulfillment.


3. Provide Supplies

Although most back-to-school drives have passed, teachers can end up spending significant amounts of their own dollars throughout the year on supplies for the kids in their classrooms. There are many organizations that collect supplies for teachers, classrooms, school programs or individual students.


4. Offer Your Time 

Charity is more than tangible donations. Children can read to younger children, volunteer to beautify a place, or teach an activity to others. Ask where you are needed and how you and your child can help.


5. Share Your Skills

You and your child’s skills are valuable- don’t forget to share them with others. If your little one loves helping out in the kitchen, make meals together for your local shelter. If you can knit, have your child help you make blankets for the homeless in colder months. If you both love sports, donate sports gear to local community centers. Use your creativity to come up with ways you can share your gifts.


Guardian Angel is always looking for child and youth volunteers and item donation in various programs. To learn about volunteering with your child, contact Stephanie Betts at