Last Friday, our team gathered for the annual GASA Agency Day! Team members enjoyed fun team games and an enthusiastic awards ceremony. Here are our favorite moments from the day: 

5.  The top three teams from the day’s minute-to-win-it games were awarded fun prizes. 

Team games included (feel free to use one at your next family gathering):

Flotacious – Contestant must stack five empty soda cans on top of each other on a plastic plate floating in a bowl of water in 60 seconds or less.

A Bit Dicey – Contestant must stack 5 dice on a Popsicle stick held in their mouth and balance them for three seconds within 60 seconds or less.

Blindfold Bowling – Contestant one is blindfolded and bowls to attempt to knock down all pins within 60 seconds or less. Contestant two is responsible for returning the bowling ball to Contestant one in between throws.

Face the Cookie – Contestant must put an Oreo cookie on their forehead and get it to their mouth using only their face muscles (no hands) within 60 seconds or less.

Bucket Dash – Buckets are set 20-30 feet apart, one is filled with water. Using only a large sponge, contestant must transfer water from one pail to the other to the fill line (tape line) in 60 seconds or less.

Balloon Blow – Contestant continually blows up a balloon and uses expelled air to knock down cups off a table. All cups must be knocked down within 60 seconds or less.


4. Everyone enjoyed a day of fun and group camaraderie. We have a special team, and everyone is very passionate about their work! 


3. Several team members were celebrated for their years of service.  Those serving one, five, ten, 20, and 40 years were recognized. They’ll enjoy a small shopping spree at Walmart. Thank you for your dedication to our mission!



2. Katina, Preschool Teacher, won the coveted individual prize from the minute-to-win-it games. The prize? A one-night stay at the Sheraton Westport Hotel, and a $100 gift card to Westport Social House! Enjoy, Katina!  But, we’re sorry you weren’t excited about the prize. 


1. Fredda McCoo, Preschool Teacher, is honored as Employee of the Year.  She was also recognized for 40 years of service! Thank you for everything you’ve done for GASA, Fredda!