Childcare graduation day is on July 27th, and we’ll be sending 44 children to kindergarten!  Through the years, each class graduation has been special, and there are memories that will be celebrated for years to come.

Here are some of our favorite things about graduation:

5.       Practice makes perfect …imperfect.

Weeks leading up to graduation day, our teachers spend time helping our graduates learn ceremony program steps. But, on graduation day, the excitement far outweighs the program structure, so the five-year-old graduates do it their way…. and we LOVE IT.

4.      Heartfelt “Thank Yous”

 Our teachers and staff feel incredibly loved on graduation day when parents and students say their “thank yous.” Yes, we sure do love our childcare family!

3.       The Diploma

It doesn’t matter how many certificates we’ve handed out to graduates over the years; it’s a special feeling each time.   It’s also special when a child or parent tells us years later that they kept it as a token of achievement.

2.       The MANY adorable photo opts. 

1.       Prepared children ready to learn and grow.

Our favorite thing about graduation is that we know each child is prepared to enter kindergarten because they have the right skills to reach future educational milestones. It’s an awesome feeling, and we’re so proud of each graduate.


Congratulations graduating class!