There are countless studies that illustrate the significance of reading in a young person’s life. And though parents may be familiar with the general positive correlation between reading and success, there are some specific benefits that may not immediately come to mind.

When parents read to their children it:


1. Offers bonding Time Between Parents and Children 

One of the most feel-good effects of reading to children is the opportunity for connection that it offers. By regularly setting time aside to read to young ones, parents can create a special tradition between them and their kids. Additionally, reading is a great pre-bedtime activity for little ones.


2. Promotes Cognitive Development Very Early On

Reading is a conduit to language development, which means that even if your child isn’t talking yet, they may begin to recognize some of the common words and sounds they hear during story time. Along with these new language skills, research shows that reading to babies as young as 6 months can offer increased memory and verbal communication abilities later on.


3. Indicates Future Success 

Academic achievement is strongly correlated with future success, and reading to children in their younger years can positively affect their futures in a big way. Setting up children to be strong readers, builds their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension-all of which are necessary for high performance on standardized tests.