During the holiday season, philanthropy is a collective theme on everyone’s mind and organizations like food pantries tend to receive the highest amount of donations and support during that time, which can even carry well into the next year. But as the summer season continues, unique challenges pop up and donation supplies begin to run out. Events like Operation Food Search’s Shop Out Hunger, are great for helping organizations like Guardian Angel to provide more food security for those who need it most this season. 

Read the article below to learn more about why people should volunteer to help out with this event, and how they can get started! 


It’s simple and easy!  

Many people want to do good, but often feel too busy, stressed or overwhelmed to do so. The Shop Out Hunger event is a great way to start getting involved in philanthropy in a convenient, yet hands-on way. 

For this event, volunteers will pass out flyers to shoppers entering Schnuck’s and collect donated goods from them on their way out. Unlike the potential discomfort of an outdoor event on a hot day, the event will take place in a comfortable, indoor air-conditioned environment. 


It serves the community!  

The summer has long been associated with nostalgia, happy memories, leisure, but for some, this season isn’t so carefree. Though there is more time for fun when school’s out, many children rely on school lunches for a significant portion of their daily nutrition, and must now find a new source of food. For this reason, food pantries are often their busiest in the summer. 

Donations collected at the store during the Shop Out Hunger event will directly go to restocking Guardian Angel’s food pantry, which serves many families with children who are out of school each month during the summer. 


It’s a fun bonding activity!

During the busy school year, it can be difficult for working parents to find quality time to spend with their children. Giving back is a great opportunity for parents to bond with their kids and for youth groups to bolster relationships among their young members. 

Families, small groups, or individuals who are interested in spending quality time with others while doing meaningful work, can dedicate a day of fighting food insecurity together at the Shop Out Hunger event. 


To register your spot to volunteer, visit https://bit.ly/2FOv6pW!