Everyone knows that teachers play an irreplaceable part in shaping the lives of children, but it’s important to acknowledge just how far their influence extends. Their attentive care and guidance, carries well beyond the classroom to be felt within families and, ultimately, communities as a whole. 

At Guardian Angel, there are a few specific things that our teachers find special about being on our team of educators. Read our blog below to learn three reasons why you should become a Guardian Angel teacher.


Introducing new worlds 

Childhood is often marked as a period of discovery, where children are constantly learning. In Guardian Angel classrooms, young kids are not only learning academic material, but also through play, social interactions with their peers, and hands on activities that spark their young curious minds. 

“It’s satisfying for me to plan activities and experiences that will broaden children’s horizons and encourage them to think and ask questions.” – Ms. Jackie, Guardian Angel Teacher

Guardian Angel teachers are the orchestrators of these moments and, when the time is taken to be creative, new worlds are not only formed for the students, but also for our teachers. 

“Everyday I look forward to working with children because they help me to enjoy the little things in life. I’ve watched bugs crawl, smelled flowers and touched grass because of their curiosity. Each day is a learning experience, not just for the children, but for me too.” – Ms. Rae, Guardian Angel Teacher  


Discovering individuality

Sometimes, people won’t fully come into their own until adulthood, however, children start showing their personality at a very young age. Just like children have their own personalities, they also have their own ways of learning and it takes an attentive educator to both pick up on this in each child and tailor lessons to them. 

Children learn best in different ways. Some are visual learners and some learn best by doing hands on activities. I like observing each child to find out what modalities work best for them. I feel this will contribute to their lifelong success. – Ms. Ashley, Guardian Angel Teacher 


Shaping childhood development 

It takes a village to raise a child, and with the help of parents, teachers are often the leaders of that village. The shared goal of seeing healthy, consistent development in children allows the partnership between parents and teachers to become mutually fulfilling. 

“I’m rewarded when children meet their milestones and when parents report that their child is doing new things at home that we have worked on in our classroom.” – Ms. Marcia, Guardian Angel Teacher 

When engaged parents and attentive teachers come together in the interest of a child, the child’s path to possible is endless. 

I’m rewarded by the big smiles I get when I enter my classroom first thing. I thrive on the reports from families as they tell me of the milestones their child accomplishes. I feel like I’ve been able to support and educate the family in a way that helps the child learn something now. – Ms. Katina



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