As we move toward the summer months and little ones have more opportunities to play outside, there’s no better time to make sure they learn how to participate in a beloved summer activity: riding a bike. Aside from being an exciting milestone for many young children, there are other benefits to kids learning to ride a bike.

Here are a few reasons to introduce children to bike riding:

It’s a simple pleasure

One of the most beautiful things about to riding a bike is that is an activity that all ages can enjoy. Learning to ride a bike is often a treasured early childhood memory that people look back on fondly. The dynamic of teaching a child to ride a bike can be an excellent bonding activity, and one that the whole family can later enjoy together – for free!


It’s good for health

Riding a bike is an effective way to get a necessary dose of physical activity, and to have a ton of fun while doing so. Aside from the physical health benefits, there are studies that indicate children who ride bikes to school are more focused in school than those who are driven. Whether or not children are able to bike to school, it’s beneficial to encourage them to develop this healthy habit that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


It’s a convenient way to travel

For relatively short distances, cycling can be an incredibly convenient way to travel. As children grow to have more independence, they may be able to get to and from school, friends’ houses and extracurricular activities without having to rely on a parent or guardian for transportation. In addition to the convenience, opting to travel by bike instead of by car, reduces carbon emissions, which ultimately makes the earth a healthy place for kids (and everyone else) to enjoy and live in.