Every other month, Melissa Carron from Operation Hope enters the teaching classroom at our social services building with a promise. That promise is to help Guardian Angel clients in attendance become better stewards of their own finances in order to be more self-sufficient.

Operation Hope is a national nonprofit that helps thousands of individuals with their finances each year. Their regional coaches work with low-income individuals and even high-producing professionals to promote financial inclusion and literacy that leads to long-term financial dignity for all.

 Melissa has been a coach for just over one year at Operation Hope. She is a former school teacher with formal training as a counselor. Prior to teaching, she was in banking for five years, so her past professional experiences have helped her succeed when working with more than 200 individuals throughout St. Louis in this way.

“When I teach at Guardian Angel, I want to give people the tools to manage their money, understand how credit impacts their future and set financial goals that can improve their well-being”, says Melissa.

During her presentation, Melissa provides real-life examples that illustrate ways good financial health can improve overall mental and physical health outcomes. She provides practical advice to those that might be unemployed, disabled, or have little to no income as well.

“Everyone comes from a different place financially, and It’s my goal to work with people one-on-one to develop a realistic plan that can get them to their goals.”

Melissa has laid the groundwork with some Guardian Angel clients to further their education and meet one-on-one to develop a plan. She hopes to build more trust with clients in upcoming visits to solidify those engagements. This is exciting because 72% of people enrolled in Operation Hope’s coaching services experience a credit increase within six months.

“The service Operation Hope provides Guardian Angel’s social services clients is just that: hope. Many of our clients have a difficult time establishing credit or repairing credit. Melissa Carron of Operation Hope works one-on-one with our Guardian Angel clients providing the tools our families need to clear up any credit problems they might have and set them on the track for a brighter financial future. Operation Hope is a trusted partner in the anti-poverty work we do and we’re so grateful for their support!” says Stephanie Betts, Community Services Coordinator at Guardian Angel.

Melissa recently held a class for Guardian Angel clients on September 17th. To learn more about Operation Hope, please visit www.operationhope.org

We thank Melissa and Operation Hope for their partnership in our work.