How to Keep Kids Healthy This Spring

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How to Keep Kids Healthy This Spring

Though flu season is coming to a close, we’re not quite in the clear yet. It’s still important to continue taking extra steps to protect children from the common colds, allergies, and other ailments they may frequently come in contact with.

Here are some quick tips that can go a long way in keeping kids healthy during this time of year.


Remember to Sanitize  

It’s not uncommon for children to catch several colds and other viruses throughout the year, due to the fact that they tend to share toys and/or supplies with other (often sick) children.

One way to combat this is by teaching children to cover their mouths after coughs and sneezes, and encouraging them to wash their hands frequently. At home or school, regularly wiping down commonly touched surfaces helps to kill bacteria and prevent cold-causing germs from spreading.



Increase Water Intake

With sunnier days among us and warmer days ahead, children will likely be spending more time outside. As they expend more energy (and in warmer conditions), it’s crucial that their water intake is adjusted accordingly.

Call for water breaks during recess or playtime to ensure children are not becoming dehydrated.



Manage Allergies

At any age, those who suffer from allergies can become miserable around this time of year, but with increasingly more time outside for recess and daily extracurricular activities, children are especially vulnerable to them.

Now is the time to continue a regimen of allergy medication (discuss with the child’s pediatrician) and reduce the amount of allergens in the home by frequently washing sheets and stuffed animals, and vacuuming carpeted areas.


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