Rose Mary Remembers

Dear Sr. Annalee,

Congratulations on your sixtieth jubilee. I am enclosing a donation to the Endowment established in your honor, and in gratitude to the Daughters of Charity.

I would like to share with you my experiences with Guardian Angel Settlement.

As a child, my parents, brother and I lived at 1400th block of South Eleventh Street. Our home was across the alley from the Guardian Angel Settlement at Menard and Marion. There was a brick wall along the alley enclosing the property. In the corner of the wall was a small door where the sisters would put the trash cans out in the alley.

Every now and then the Sisters would come across the alley and bring us cartons of milk and crackers. Every year the sisters would take us to a room at Guardian Angel where they had all kinds of clothes and give us a winter coat. Our parents did the best they could, but we lived in extreme poverty, a slum type house, and with a mother who had serious mental health issues.

When my brother got to eighth grade, one of the sisters told him they had to get him out of the situation. They made arrangements for him to go to the Vincentian’s St. Vincent’s High School in Cape Girardeau. In the meantime a cousin of ours took me in during part of my high school years. Those two events that removed us from our situation showed both of us that there was a different world out there that we could never have otherwise experienced.

We learned that life could be very different for us, and we learned to aspire to a better life. My brother and I are both in our seventies now. He has a doctorate and is a clinical psychologist and Episcopal priest in Minnesota. I have a Masters degree in education and am beginning my forty-ninth year of teaching. We have both been very blessed, and are always thankful for the blessings we received along the way from the Sisters at the Guardian Angel.

God bless you, Sister Annalee, and thank you for all you do for the little ones. I hope they will remember the kindness of the Daughters of Charity as I still do today.


Rose Mary