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Developmental Childcare

Health Care Policies

All children are required to have a medical examination prior to admission to the Center and annually thereafter. The Center provided forms that should be completed by your doctor or clinic. Your child’s immunization record must be up-to-date prior to admission.

A staff member will conduct a daily health check of all children at the Center. The person dropping the child off must remain for this check. If any symptoms of illness are found, the child must be taken home. If your child becomes ill while at the Center, you will be notified immediately and be required to have someone care for your child when he or she is ill and cannot come to the Center.

If your child is absent due to a contagious disease, you must submit a doctor’s statement before the child is allowed to return. We typically offer vision and hearing screenings and immunization opportunities at the Center.

The Childcare Director will help you arrange treatment for other concerns. helping kids get the best possible start