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Developmental Childcare

Cost of Care

Families pay a fee for childcare. The fee is set according to a sliding scale based on the family’s gross monthly income and its total number of dependents.

Many families are eligible for state subsidized childcare. To qualify, your income must meet the eligibility requirements, and you must need childcare because you are employed, in school or in training.

Fees are payable one week in advance, and we collect fees on Monday mornings. Families wishing to make alternate arrangements must discuss them in advance with the Childcare Director when enrolling their child.

No child will be admitted to the Center if payments are not up-to-date.

Full tuition is charged for all days including agency holidays and family vacations. One exception to this rule is if your child is absent for a full week due to illness. In such cases, the weekly tuition fee is reduced by half, and you may need to submit a doctor’s statement before your child is allowed to return to the Center.