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Legacy of Giving


Your bequest to GASA can be a specified amount of cash, an investment fund or piece of property, a percentage of the entire estate or percentage of a specified investment, or a contingent designation taking effect only if your other beneficiaries fail to survive you.

Being generous in your will or trust is a way to continue your values beyond your lifetime. For many individuals or couples, this helps them achieve their dream of making a “gift of a lifetime.”

Bequests work particularly well if you wish to support GASA but might not have the cash or assets to do so now. It’s easy to include a bequest to GASA directly in your will/trust or in a codicil to your will/trust.

Larger bequests can establish an endowment in which the principal can be sustained while the derived income is used for specific and significant purposes. Through an endowment you can memorialize a family member and/or yourself in perpetuity. If you are thinking of establishing such a gift, please contact us for appropriate verbiage.