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Legacy of Giving


Revocable Living Trusts are not subject to probate. They remain private and avoid public scrutiny. When you die, a trust will save time, expense, publicity and frustration for those you love. Trusts also assure seamless administration of your assets at your death or in the event you become incapacitated.

Charitable Remainder Trusts enable you to contribute to Guardian Angel Settlement Association and receive guaranteed payments for life or a period of years through a trust designed by you with the help of your lawyer. Payments may either be a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of the trust assets. A Charitable Remainder Trust offers gift, estate and income tax benefits. Because you design this trust yourself, it is more versatile than a Charitable Gift Annuity.

The reverse of a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust will pay Guardian Angel Settlement Association income during your life, someone else’s life, or for a fixed number of years. Your beneficiaries will receive the remainder. You will be able to design the trust to fit your particular needs. Charitable Lead Trust assets are not taxable in your estate when you die, thereby providing valuable income, gift and estate tax benefits.