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Turn Your Good Intentions Into Action


To expedite your good intentions, here is a recommended clause for making an outright unrestricted bequest to Guardian Angel Settlement:

“Guardian Angel Settlement Association, a Missouri not-for-profit Corporation, is to receive the sum of (indicate specific amount, percentage or “rest and residue” of the estat

e). This bequest is unrestricted, and the Board of Governors or other governing body may use and expend the same for the benefit of Guardian Angel Settlement Association, in any manner it deems appropriate.”

The preceding clause, of course, is only a suggested example. Always consult your attorney for specific legal advice. Should you wish to make a bequest to Guardian Angel Settlement Association that is restricted to a specific purpose, such as an endowment, program or service area, please contact us for examples of appropriate wording.


Your bequest to GASA can be a specified amount of cash, an investment fund or piece of property, a percentage of the entire estate or percentage of a specified investment, or a contingent designation taking effect only if your other beneficiaries fail to survive you.

Being generous in your will or trust is a way to continue your values beyond your lifetime. For many individuals or couples, this helps them achieve their dream of making a “gift of a lifetime.”

Bequests work particularly well if you wish to support GASA but might not have the cash or assets to do so now. It’s easy to include a bequest to GASA directly in your will/trust or in a codicil to your will/trust.

Larger bequests can establish an endowment in which the principal can be sustained while the derived income is used for specific and significant purposes. Through an endowment you can memorialize a family member and/or yourself in perpetuity. If you are thinking of establishing such a gift, please contact us for appropriate verbiage.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to contribute to Guardian Angel Settlement Association and receive guaranteed payments for the rest of your life or for the joint lives of you and your spouse or another individual. You will receive an income tax deduction when you make the gift and valuable tax benefits each year. Guardian Angel Settlement Charitable Gift Annuities are available for a minimum contribution of $10,000.

Rates vary by the age of the contributor.

Life Insurance

Benefits from life insurance owned by you at the time of your death will be included in your estate. If you designate Guardian Angel as the beneficiary, your estate will receive an estate tax deduction equal to the full amount of the insurance benefit. You can donate an existing policy and receive a tax deduction for the current value now.

Personal Property

You may provide for the bequest of personal property such as jewelry, collectibles or vehicles to Guardian Angel Settlement Association in your estate plans. Special rules apply when making planned gifts of personal property, so please be sure to consult your attorney as well as Guardian Angel Settlement before making such provisions.

Real Estate

No gift of real property shall be accepted without first being appraised and examined for potential liability under environmental impact laws. Guardian Angel Settlement Association reserves the right to reject any gifts of real property.

Bequests:  Real Estate may be donated to Guardian Angel Settlement Association by providing specifically for it in your will. Real Estate donated to Guardian Angel Settlement Association upon your death escapes estate taxation.

Retained Life Interests:  You can donate your home or farm to Guardian Angel Settlement Association while you are living, receive a tax deduction and retain the right to live in or use the property for the rest of your life.

Retirement Benefits

Assets in your 401(k), pension, IRA or other retirement plan will be subject to estate and income taxes when you die. They may also be subject to generation-skipping taxes. This double, or triple, taxation means your beneficiaries could potentially receive less than 20% of your retirement assets! If you name Guardian Angel Settlement Association as the beneficiary, there will be no taxes.


Revocable Living Trusts are not subject to probate. They remain private and avoid public scrutiny. When you die, a trust will save time, expense, publicity and frustration for those you love. Trusts also assure seamless administration of your assets at your death or in the event you become incapacitated.

Charitable Remainder Trusts enable you to contribute to Guardian Angel Settlement Association and receive guaranteed payments for life or a period of years through a trust designed by you with the help of your lawyer. Payments may either be a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of the trust assets. A Charitable Remainder Trust offers gift, estate and income tax benefits. Because you design this trust yourself, it is more versatile than a Charitable Gift Annuity.

The reverse of a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust will pay Guardian Angel Settlement Association income during your life, someone else’s life, or for a fixed number of years. Your beneficiaries will receive the remainder. You will be able to design the trust to fit your particular needs. Charitable Lead Trust assets are not taxable in your estate when you die, thereby providing valuable income, gift and estate tax benefits.

Donor Privacy

Guardian Angel Settlement Association (GASA) respects the privacy of our donors. We maintain the following policies to assure our donors that their personal information will be protected and will not be shared with any third party.


GASA collects, uses, and maintains the following information from donors:

  • Contact Information: information name, company name, job title, complete address(es), telephone number(s), email address(es), family and constituent relationships (if applicable)
  • Donations Information: check numbers, credit card number and expiration date, amount donated, donor comments and suggestions, and giving history.

All credit card information is entered online through a secure page, sent to GASA and processed by our staff. Once an online donation is submitted secure measures are in place to ensure that a donor’s credit card information is not compromised.

GASA will not sell, rent, or lease donor information to other organizations.


  • Help donors complete transactions
  • Thank donors for their gifts
  • Update donors about organizational activity
  • Recognize donors
  • Distribute gift receipts or statements
  • Inform donors about upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Analyze internal productivity and effectiveness
  • Report to relevant federal and state agencies
  • Contact donors about changes to this statement

As part of our donor recognition efforts, GASA may publicize donor names through its annual report, newsletters, website, and promotional materials (in the case of sponsorships). Generally, the specific gift amount will not be identified, but the donor will be recognized under the level of giving category that is appropriate to their donation. Donors always have the option of remaining “anonymous” when making a donation and will not be publicly recognized.

All access to donor information is strictly limited to GASA personnel who need to process data. No unnecessary person, group or organization will be allowed to access such data. That information is stored on secure server(s), limited-access administrative files and/or secured off-site storage. Board members may be given information on the names of donors, donor history and the amount of gifts if needed to fulfill their responsibilities as directors of the organization. All board members and staff are required to maintain the confidentiality of donor information.

GASA contacts donors through direct mail, e-mail, and telephone. Any donor may request that the GASA remove them from the GASA mailing list and/or specify the method of contact.

We welcome questions or comments about our donor privacy policy. If you would like to review your personal information file to request corrections or redaction, please send contact us at (314) 231-3188.